Problems with sound

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What ever I try to do I can not get 5.1 sound for music, I am not shore for videos (only tested in KM - not working, perhaps It need's some extra configurations to be made)

OK here is my set up:

MB: Gigabyte 8I-915 P duo - on board 7.1 Cmedia sound card
CPU: Pentium 2x3000
GPU: Ati 800 GT
OS: XPSP1 (I had SP3 yesterday with same problem)

Speakers are logitech 5.1 wood and are working correctly.

I tried reinstalling the windows to no success.

Where ever I look - control panel - sound options ---speakers are 5.1
Cmedia control panel - when I run a test I here sound from all speakers
I here sound when I run direct sound (but just the front ones I think)

I hope this makes sece to you because my English isn't best

pls I couls really use some ideas Confused
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