Wrong Movie Titles
I am having the stangest problem, wondering if someone can help. I have over 500 ripped movies, everything used to work fine, until... (can't explain).

When I add video source , point to my movies folder, run scan, every movie ends up with the same movie name "My Father My Lord". and the same cover for that movie title. I have no such movie in my collection. All movies have the proper names like Titanic, Kill Bill, Little man and so on. I have tried several scrappers, also tried an a fresh install of Windows Xp and XBMC (XBMC_for_Windows-9.04.1-repack2). to no avail, any help of suggestion is appriciated.
See the sticky about posting problems in an appropriate manner.

Nothing to do with dev, moving to general.
Try unchecking the option "This Folder Contains A Single Movie" under the "Set Content - Settings" menu for the source you're adding.
Sounds like you have a rouge nfo file kicking around, but until you send a debug log it is hard to tell.
It could also be a "mymovies.xml" file containing information for "My Father My Lord" which is thwarting the scraping process.
When posting about a problem please submit a debug log to give you the best chance at getting an answer. It's easy, painless, and helps provide necessary information.
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