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can someone tell me if it is possible to play live enabled games while using xbmc and also is it possible to run up the original xbox dash as well as havin the option to go to xbmc??

kinda sorta... its possible with some caveats.

you'd need to have a modchip that supports multiple banks. one on bank you run the normal ms bios, on the other bank you run the hacked bios of your choice -- probably x2 4983 with its apparent xblive protection.

make sure you're hard drive is locked.

make sure that c: is left virgin. you'll need a hacked bios that first loads the dash from the f: partition. also install xmbc to the f: partition.

and you'll only be able to load xbmc from the dash on the f: partition, not from your original ms dash on c:
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well my original modded xbox was an aladdin chip with standard evox bios on with no ftp support. this enabled live games if i didnt hold the on button for more than 1 second. i havnt toucvhed the bios to get xbmc on because i wasnt sure what i should/shouldnt put on the bios. is there a way i could do it without flashin my bios, somehow hav my xbox boot as normal if i just swithc it on and load xbmc if i hold it for 1 second??
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