[LINUX][LIVE]Best Installation for set-top-function plus SMB Server on ION?
Hi folx,
first of all: I'm an absolute Linux newbie, so please be careful to answer without causing too much irritationWink

Ok, what I'd like to do:
I just got a Zotac IONITX-A mainboard in my hands... nice stuff, just add memory and storage and You are done, even power supply is included. I waited 3 months for the delivery of that nice piece of work and now its here.

I use XBMC for quite a time on an XBOX and also on my Win*** Vista Media PC sometimes. I like the look and feel, the function is perfect for HTPC use, also the WAF is ok. Excellent job, thanx to all who contribute to and support this.

Of course reading the first impressions here about runnig XBMC on ION boards made me enthusiastic, because I want to set up a combination of a NAS plus a media client in one system.

So I could simply install XBMC Live and hope to get the VDPAU and HDMI audio working (not sure how to manage that, heard about additional restricted Nvidia drivers, problems with HDMI audio etc.). But that configuration could only act as a UPNP server, not as a SMB or FTP server.

SMB server is essential for me, because I must copy files from my other network PCs to the three large disks, that I am going to connect to the ION box.

So what I need is a configuration that behaves like a set-top XBMC, but has an SMB and/or FTP server running. I don't need any Linux desktop, browser etc, its just NAS functionality plus XBMC client in one box. RAID also is not needed. So it should be a kind of 'Enhanced XBMC Live' or 'XBMC Live with a twist of Linux for newbies'.

I'd love the get any suggestions how to achieve that goal, because that would mean to have a low power consuming, quiet NAS plus an 'always on' XBMC client at the same time. It can be mounted directly on the back of the TV in a DIY case.

Kind regards from Germany
Just go to the ubuntu forums and search for some howto on setting up samba.
Wow, that was quick!

Ok, but first I should know what type of installation / distribution etc. I should I use:

- XBMC Live and maybe fiddle Samba into that somehow?
- Full Ubuntu (although many features not needed) plus XBMC on that?
- something in the middle?

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[LINUX][LIVE]Best Installation for set-top-function plus SMB Server on ION?00
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