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I am running Vista with XBMC (aeon wide theme) and want to get a remote control. I am unsure which controller to go for. Ideally i would prefer a bluetooth option but not the PS3 remote since I have a PS3 and use that remote for PS3 only (can't pair 2 devices). If there is another bluetooth remote I can use which doesn't cost too much that would be ideal. Alternatively, I will have to go for an IR remote but don't want to use the xbox remote. Would be happy to use a MCE remote if it will work.

Any suggestions welcome...

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Let me piggyback on this thread and ask this as an added question:

Is it not wither or not the remote will be best for XBMC but rather will it be best for EventGhost??

I am new to XBMC outside of the xbox but from what I've been reading today it appears all the remote commands actually come through the EventGhost software which in turn controls XBMC for you. If that is the case, then one should be concerned with the remote's compatibility with Event Ghost firstly.

Am I right?
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