Issue playing DVD ISO's (ION/HDMI)
Well, I just got my new xbmc machine put together and it's up and running. Everything seems to be working great so far - have been able to watch TV episodes from my file server without issue.

However, whenever I go to play movies (ISO rips, full size) XBMC seems to lag quite a bit before actually launching the ISO and then blasts loud garbled static until I stop it. It has also caused the PC to freeze up to the point of requiring a reboot a couple times as well. I was able to get to a DVD menu and navigate, but the audio was completely borked.

I'm at a loss here, and was hoping someone might be able to shed some insight into what might be causing this.

My specs:

Ubuntu 9.0.4 standard install
Video/Audio both going through HDMI directly to TV.

The only media that's causing trouble is DVD rips (straight ISO rips, no repackaging/encoding). I am able to watch AVI and WMV so far without any problem at all.

Any help would be most appreciated!
Please see the sticky about posting problems in a useful manner.
althekiller Wrote:Please see the sticky about posting problems in a useful manner.

Whoops. Will do when I get home. Thanks.
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Issue playing DVD ISO's (ION/HDMI)00