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change type of action for apple remote
i have mac mini and apple remote - so there are not so many buttons Smile

i'm in library view, in movies section, i have fanart view, my cursor is on any movie and if i press enter button on remote i want movie information instead of play

is here any way how to set this please?
This has zero to do with the skin. Moving to general.

EDIT: The search button won't kill you either. Believe me, I use it daily.
ok sorry thanks
Nope, that's not currently possible really. Reason is that it would also be the "INFO" action on folder items, and on other items on the screen, which I presume you don't want.
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no i dont want to Smile
How about this ;

    <joystick name="AppleRemote">
      <button id="6">ParentDir</button>      
      <button id="7">Info</button>

It maybe show you movie INFOrmation on movie library list if you press 'PLAY(=SELECT)" and hold.

change type of action for apple remote00