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Port XBMC to run on TiVo DVR set-top-boxes hardware platforms?
I have a tivo series 2 system that I am no longer using. Is it possible to convert this into a computer specifically for use with XBMC? Or can XBMC be loaded onto a tivo Series 2 in anyway?

Thanks!Big Grin
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No, unfortunately it can't work.

The TiVo series 2 is not a computer, but a specialized Set Top Box (STB)

These STBs usually use a MIPS processor, and XBMC has not yet been ported to MIPS. In addition, since they are not computers, they do not have any 3D graphics hardware, and thus do not support the Hardware Acceleration needed to render the XBMC GUI at an acceptable frame rate.

Such 3D hardware must support OpenGL 1.4, but DirectX ad OpenGL ES support are being worked on. Sadly, without 3D graphics hardware, this box can not support any of these APIs.
Quote:Series2 TiVo systems are based on MIPS processors connected to MPEG-2 encoder/decoder chips and high-capacity IDE/ATA hard drives.

XBMC currently runs on x86 architectures, PowerPC, and compiles on ARM. It's hardware acceleration supports OpenGL, but is being ported to run on OpenGL ES and DirectX.

Please see this article for more reasons why this won't work:


I have a TiVo HD that may not be in use in a couple months and rather than ebay it, I was debating hacking it to run XBMC for Linux.Laugh

I have searched everywhere and there just doesn't seem to be an references to anyone attempting to use the actual TiVo hardware to load XBMC on it. Sad

Has this been done before? Series 2 even? Seems like a no brainer considering TiVo HD does 720p & 1080p video, seems to have some decent processing power, and all the connectivity options you would want.Oo

Are there limitations that don't allow this? What am I missing? Huh
there are many reasons for this no to happen, the same as to why xmbc won't load on those cheap Set top boxes. If you search a bit, you'll find why, it has been discused lots of time. The boxee box hacking thread is a good place to start.
FoeHammer865 Wrote:Seems like a no brainer considering TiVo HD does 720p & 1080p video

Tivo HD only handles broadcast HD in 720p or 1080i

I believe the new Tivo Premier will output 1080p, but ONLY at 24fps and only from certain online content providers.

Either way - XBMC isnt happening on it.
Thanks for the excellent responses. I did search and search. About 3 hours worth of searching and didn't find squat. Granted I wasn't searching for "how to port it to XBOX 360/PS3/Wii" either. :oBlush

Port XBMC to run on TiVo DVR set-top-boxes hardware platforms?00