[Mac] How to change default xTV icons/images
Hi, Another one from me...

Can anyone tell me if you can replace some of the default xTV icons, specifically the "Apple TV" image that appears during startup and also in the Settings screen? Don't get me wrong here, these are excellent icons, I'm just running my XBMC on a Mac Mini and want to go the whole 9-yards to skin perfection by replacing them with Mac Mini images! Big Grin

Is this only possible by replacing the original icons in xTV/media/Default (e.g. background-startup.png) then rebuilding the skin? Or can you do it after its been compiled?

Thanks in advance for any help.


OSX Version: 10.5.7
Platform: MacBook Pro
XBMC SVN Revision: XBMC 9.04.1 r20677
Skin: xTV revision 2269
You can replace them by changing the images and then rebuilding textures.xpr, or by adding a new image outside of the Textures.xpr and altering the references to point to that image in the skins XML files.

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Changing the xml files to point to the new images in /media worked great for me! Thanks for the advice, its much appreciated.
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