quick question about <visible> tag

will this:


work the same way as using


or is there a difference (functionality, speed-wise, you name it) ?

which of them should be preferrable?
cheers,azido :;):
They're effectively identical. The only difference is the second adds brackets around the expressions, which I could perhaps add a very slight overhead (I can't recall offhand how the reverse polish thing works).
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thanks, jonathan.

i kept the example simple for a reason. my real intention was to find out if a really long line of conditions has an impact in working for a skin like
especially if there are many of them in a kinda big xml.

jmarshall Wrote:(I can't recall offhand how the reverse polish thing works).

i have to admit that, although in general my english is really good: i don't understand this phrase. Even when i use google to translate.. Rolleyes can you explain?
cheers,azido :;):
I think he means this:
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