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here is a concept for a music view I made a while ago

[Image: 3C500J86G7D.jpg]

basic idea is to have a band photo,band logo and band info on one side and the album covers on the rest.
would be nice to be able to click John wetton for example and then see a picture of him and the albums of all bands he participated,

Here is another view in same style movie showed by actor.(its a qick and dirty mockup, short on time atm but think shows the idea)


What you think about it.

P.S. english is not my native language so plz excuse any errors.

EDIT.: I editet the post and changed the picture cause in first version i had control buttons on it i took from harlys xface skin for mediaportal
The band photo on the left is perfectly doable, however the info beneath it is not. There are several infolabels you can use for artist information but not the type you describe.
Looks nice though, would fit in nicely with xTV.
in his skin or a mod - feel free to do so- would be a great honor for me.

just in orignal post
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