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I'm working on a Rotten Tomatoes scraper and was thinking about how to best incorporate ratings for the use of skinners. It would be nice to be able to display multiple ratings, but it appears to me this would not work without additional accessable fields in the database. RT provides several rating types: Critics, Top Critics, User Ratings etc. Displaying all of them would be overkill, but in my opinion it would be nice to display at least 2.

Also displaying the Rotten / Fresh / Certified fresh tag would be nice. I don't think the <top250> field is displayable by skins, but if it was I think this might be an appropriate field to use.

So really, what I'm thinking is listitem.top250 would be nice, and perhaps a listitem.rating2

Also appears votes can't be displayed seperately as the only listitem I can see in the documentation is listitem.ratingandvotes

Additionally, is there any way to display ratings without a decimal (as RT ratings are percentages)? If I scrape a movie and the rating is 94% percent for example it is shown as 94.00

Any feedback on this would be appreciated. Thanks.
Is there lack of interest or is what I'm suggesting a bad implementation?
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