having a problem ripping a dvd
im trying to rip my dvd of spaced to my library, but ive come across an annoying problem. When i rip the dvd i end up with 7 .vob file for the 7 episodes on the dvd. thats fine, but when i watch them the 1st vob has the 1st 2-3 mins of the second episode on the end, the second vod has the 1st few mins of the episode missing and the first few mins of the 3rd episode on the end etc,etc,etc

the only way i can thing of doing it, is ripping the whole 7 episodes to a single avi file and splitting them up into single files. but i have no idea what software i need to do this and how. any pointers would be gratefully received

Use DVDShrink.

It will allow you to rip one "Title set" at a time, called a VTS (Video Title Set).

Just turn off the compression, and see how it does for you.

Or you could use handbrake and rip/convert one Title Set at a time to xVid or h.264.

the main feature is showing as 1 2h:50 min tile, how do i do 1 episode at a time with dvd shrink?

thanks for the reply btw
If you use dvd decryptor it will rip each episode as a single .vob
And it will also remove as much info as you want i.e languages and subtitles.
It's no longer being developed but you should be able to grab an old version on the net.Smile
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thanks for the help on this. what i ended up doing was adding the main feature tile 7 times with dvd shrink and just manually changing the start and end time for each episode, worked a treat Smile
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having a problem ripping a dvd00