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"MCE" skin. Port of the default Media Portal skin.
pin87a this looks really nice- great job :kickass:
yuvalt - good advice... i'm rolling back to 1.0.... this is nuts...

just as a side note to my weekend of skin/xmbc woes, check this out....

- if i boot to xbmc 09/03/04 cvs with projmay skin, i get a pm skin w/out any buttons or gamepad control (basically a lockup)

- however if i boot up the xbox w/my evox boot dvd, then go to ms dashboard from the evox.ini settings, i get xbmc with the projmayhem skin working perfectly!!?! - once i saw this my brain melted...

heading back to 1.0.. sorry to cry like a n00b in this thread.. thanks to all who gave suggestions/advice...

- phr0
welll im using an ntsc 4:3 fullscreen 9/3/04 build

great work pin87a!!!
thanks for all of the compliments.
samsonite who created the original media portal skin deserves most of the credit though.
he created most of the textures. i just did the xml part. :p

i edited the original post to include a newer version of the skin that works with cvs builds from 09-04-04 through 09-07-04.
let me know if there are any bugs. thanks. Smile

just an idea: you don't happen to have 2 xbe's floating around (one in c: that you boot off, and one in wherever xbmc's homedir is located) do you?

if so, make sure the one you boot off is up to date!

i only discovered this could happen last night when i was testing some new patches before submitting to cvs and it all ran fine until i reboot the xbox, and then when it booted up it had no text/buttons yet nothing in the logs. took me a little while to realize i'd updated the xbe in my xbmc homedir (thus it worked when i ran it from another dash) but didn't update the xbe c:

hope this helps.

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Do not e-mail XBMC-Team members directly asking for support. Read/follow the forum rules.
For troubleshooting and bug reporting please make sure you read this first.

man i'm so jealous- going to have to wait till end of sept to try out all your guys hard work- devs and skinners Image
great work on this skin. :bowdown:

can someone tell me how to turn on the rss feed?
awesome work


this is a nice looking skin.

just a few questions:
is anybody elses volume meter now working right? i understand this is a work in progress skin, but the volume meter green bar thing is always at the far left of it, even though the volume does go up and down. (i have the latest build of xbmc)

also, like the poster above, are there news feeds in this skin yet, or will they be added when the skin gets finalised?

and a few suggestions from me:

like i said, this is a good looking skin, and i like it. but, could you make it so the my 'whatever' screens have more than 8 icons for later builds? or is that something that is not possible? because i feel there is a bit of wasted 'space' only having 8, something like 12, or even 16 (or an option to choose) would be awesome.

also on this note, is it possible to make the text underneath the icons a little smaller too, so you can see more of what the program/game/music name is without having to hover over it so it scrolls?

those are the two main things i was thinking of when using the skin. other than that, it the best one out there.
lovely skin! just and installed the 03/09 build and will definitely be using it from now on. apologies if the following ideas are already implemented in the more recent build or not feasible.

one thing i really like about the current project mayhem skin is the sub menu that pops up offering scripts, dashboard etc. i think it would be really effective in this as well.

also, long song titles currently scroll over the dashboard and power buttons.

album art?

all in all, looks great. good work :kickass:
volume bar:
thanks for pointing that out.
i didn't notice it. i will fix it soon.
the volume control is now fixed.
download link updated in the original post.

rss feeds:
i'm not a big fan of that feature, but now that it is easy to disable i will add one to the home page. Smile

size of the listcontrols (amount of items listed in my programs/etc):
i intentionally sized them that way (8 items on the screen) to maintain the "10 foot interface" idea that is used in the "real mce."
i feel that increasing the amount of items and lowering the font/button size makes things a little bit too difficult to read from a distance.
there really isn't that much room to work with.. :p

i will consider making some alternate reference.xml files for people that would rather have more items on the screen with smaller fonts and buttons.

icon text:
i will play around with the font size there, but the fixed width caused by the size of the icons themselves is the problem.
decreasing the font size will probably only allow for a few more characters.

popup sub-menu:
i really haven't found a good way to integrate that into the interface yet.
ideally i would like to have a scrolling list of some sort for the buttons on the home screen, but that is currently not possible.
i will take a look at adding a popup menu similiar to the one in project mayhem after i get the rest of the skin ironed out a little bit more.

music/video overlay (song titles scrolling on top of the power/dashboard buttons, lack of album art):
i'm still working on that. :p
because of the large amount of buttons required on each page in xbmc i pretty much stuck it in the only space i could.
it works fine in that position on most screens, but it sits on top of the power/dashboard button on the home screen and on top of the page labels on a couple of the other screens.
as for the album art i will try to find a space for it, but it will probably sit on top of some buttons as well. :/

thanks for the comments and suggestions.
i will keep them in mind as i continue to work on this skin, but it is going to be difficult to make everyone happy... :p
thanks for the response. its already an excellent skin so don't worry about trying to please everybody. a lot of people are already happy with the current result Wink
some updates:
(download link in the original post)

-fixed volume control
-added rss feed
-moved the album/artist/song text down so it doesn't overlay the shutdown and dashboard buttons.

i'm thinking about ditching the time display on the home page and moving the rss feed up.
good idea? bad idea?
i would put the rss feed in the middle and the time on the bottom, but that would leave a weird gap when the rss feed is disabled. hmm...
keep the time.

its a vital feature to the main menu. no need for rss on the main menu, it makes it look tacky.

the idea of this skin is to make xbmc look like mce!
Team Blackbolt - Digital Design

Twitter.com/TeamBlackbolt | TeamBlackbolt.co.uk
(blackbolt @ sep. 12 2004,02:00 Wrote:keep the time.

its a vital feature to the main menu. no need for rss on the main menu, it makes it look tacky.

the idea of this skin is to make xbmc look like mce!
if you don't like the rss, then turn it off. it's a preference thing. you don't like it, that's fine, i'm sure there are others also. but i like the rss on the home page, and like having the option to turn it on.
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"MCE" skin. Port of the default Media Portal skin.0
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