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[MAC] How to display metadata information for MP4 video files

I've slightly modded the xTV skin I'm running to successfully display certain metadata for pictures, e.g. date/time the picture was taken, resolution etc., in the list and wrap views by inserting tags such as:


I want to do a similar thing for a bunch of MP4 format home videos that I have (they are currently under the "TV Shows" home menu, "rebadged" to say "Home Videos" :-), however, I can't seem to find any tags that support doing this (I especially want the date/time so I can see when the video in question was taken). I realise the picture information is coming from the EXIF block within the pictures, but does XBMC (or even the xTV skin) support this for MP4 - or does this format not contain metadata in the same way?

EDIT: incidentally, this is *not* being viewed in library mode, just plain old files mode. But this is also true for when viewing pictures (as there is no library mode for these).
Any help or pointers in the right direction is much appreciated!

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OSX Version: 10.5.7
Platform: MacBook Pro
XBMC SVN Revision: XBMC 9.04.1 r20677
Skin: xTV revision 2269

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[MAC] How to display metadata information for MP4 video files00