what did i do wrong

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deezee69 Offline
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this is my set up

cpu : Dual Core E5200 @2.5ghz
mb: gigabyte GA-73PVM-S2H
ram: 4gb (2x2gb) g.skill ddr2 pc2-6400
install on hard drive
xbmc live
v sync is enabled.

it cant play 1080 hd with out dropping every secondSad
what do i need to change to make it work 100% smoothly.

thank you
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please post a debug log so that people can help you...

If you're trying to play 1080p without using hardware acceleration, an E5200 may not be fast enough... depending on the video and the bitrate at which it is encoded.

The GA-73PVM uses an Nvidia 7100 graphics chip, and that doesn't support VDPAU (hardware acceleration under Linux).

Note that only Geforce 8200 or newer chipsets support VDPAU, except for certain 8800 series chips that use the G80 core:


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