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Creating Nfo's? Downloading Pre-made ones?
First off, sorry if there's a thread already for this, but I couldn't find one.

Anyways, I'm just starting to get in to organizing my media and using Aeon, and noticed that you need .nfo's for aeon to recognize information about your file. In this case my movie is Wall-E.

How would I go about creating nfo's for movies? Is their a website to download these nfos?

Thanks for all the help!
i use ember media for movies. automatically grabs posters, fanart, and extra thumbnails for you with ease:

there's also media info plus:
Thank you so much!
You don't really need those, XBMC does it for you when exporting your library.
Just to clarify, you do not need any 3rd party application. XBMC can and does handle all the scraping internally. The benefit of the supplemental tools such as Ember, MC, and MIP is that they have extra features that allow you to fine tune the data. It's like racing a GT-R... the stock car will do just fine and be more than enough for 95% of the people who drive it, but you can squeeze that little bit more performance out of it by adding an AEM EMS and fine tuning.
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Really? Hmm, I'll look into that. Does XBMC grab the fanart to?
O sweet that should cut down on time, Thanks everybody! I love XBMC! now I just gotta get the backdrops working, they don't show up for some reason, and I cant select any Sad Any help on that? I mean I don't mind staring at a black backdrop but it would be nice to have some unique ones!
You'll need to update to one of the newer SVN builds.
Yea, the update fixed it, hmm I could of sworn I had the latest SVN build....well i do know Smile

Creating Nfo's? Downloading Pre-made ones?00