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noob question
I am just setting this stuff up and getting it working right. I have to say, XBMC is definitely the best media management software I've ever seen! I thought mythtv was good. This is fantastic! I got all the video file playback settings going correctly and music and such. I'm having a problem getting mythtv to integrate well. Watching live tv works. Listing from the grid works. Setting recordings and deleting recordings both work. I was wondering how to add the files to my library. Can you do that? When I list the episodes in mythfrontend and mythweb, it lists the episode name. When I list the episodes in xbmc, it lists the show name and air date, but no episode name. Should I put it as a suggestion for the next release that perhaps episode titles be used in addition to or instead of air dates? That would make adding them to the library practically transparent to users. Or is this already an option and I'm missing it somewhere. I went through the mythtv settings and didn't see anything about controlling the upnp backend and then didn't see much to control how it displays the information in xbmc. All of this is running on a mac mini; mythbackend, mythfrontend, xbmc, etc. I can connect with my windows laptop using winmyth and see the episode titles, so how do I get them to display with xbmc?

Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

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