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Remote Control for XBMC

I need you guys help in buying a remote control for xbmc to use with old xbox.

i have found these 2 on ebay and wondering which one to grab? Also does the remote work completely ok with XBMC or are there some problems or whatever?

thanks in advance Big Grin
I have one like the first one you posted and it works prefectly with XBMC.
A friend of mine has the original one and also works perfectly.

The non original one has screws that hold the battery cover, the original one doesn't and has a tendency to break the cover easily.
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I'd go with the original, since it works with Windows drivers and Eventghost (in case you decide to use it for an HTPC later)

I don't use the remote anyway. If you buy the original remote, just program your universal remote or Home Theater remote to control an RCA DVD player and put the xbox remote in a drawer somewhere.

All you need is the receiver.

thx for your feedback

since i DO want to use for HTPC i'll go with the original.

I am really starting to get into this, and learning new things i didnt even knew existed.

the first was that i changed my HDD last week and put in an 80GB one, and if i had known it would be that easy, i would do it ages ago. now i can fit everything i want in there.

Now i am building my house and want to create a great media center and this is where i will hang out for questions and all your input.

I'll be back with more questions later on!

Thanks for your help.
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