Trigger Script Instead of ScreenSaver

Is there an easy way in XBMC to trigger a bash script instead of running a screensaver, I've managed to cobble together something that will put my TV into standby when the script it run.

Just need a way of running the script to turn the TV off, fed up of the kids leaving the TV on all night, instead of displaying fan art, it could be saving power !!

Anyone got any ideas on how to set something up like this ? Just need a cunning way of doing it, even if it is not through the screensaver trigger.

Don't know the exacts, but you may be able to use the http api to check if anything is currently playing and then turn the tv off it there isn't anything playing. You'd just need to schedule the script to run with the os. cron job with linux, scheduled job with windows.
been a while since i've messed with that stuff, so sorry if it isn't very helpful.

Here's the wiki page for the http api
I know this is a year old, but i'm currently looking for the same thing.

I want to call irsend/xbmc.lirc.send when screensaver start (or when powersaving kicks in (put display to sleep when idle)).

Is the way mentioned the only way?
you can set it up to turn off after sometime of innactivity in settings Wink
I know, but that only kills the signal.
My TV doesnt turn off, it just waits for the signal to come back.
So i need a way to turn it off via lirc when that happends.
you can turn off your tv using lirc?

my tv automatically shutdown of no source is activated.
yes, via an IR emitter like this.

My samsung LE40a656 stays on =\
House Rule: Anyone that falls asleep with the TV on can't use it for one week!

I'd be the only one at my house doing without TV Smile Matter of fact they'd all laugh their ass off at that rule.
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