"Crash Watchdog" or other background service system that will restart XBMC on freeze?
I've got a few computers I'm setting up for someone else's media center. I love XBMC, but I've yet to install a version (tried Windows & Linux) that doesn't occasionally just freeze for apparently no reason at all (and not show ANYTHING helpful in the debug log). Is there a magic HowTo somewhere that teaches me how to keep it from freezing? I'm assuming there isn't, so as a replacement for that, has anyone made a watchdog timer sort of setup that just detects if XBMC is responsive, and if not, kills the process and re-starts it?
In linux, several people have setup LIRC to execute a script which kills the xbmc process and starts it over again.

Also, the debug logs have A LOT of information. You incorrectly typed "ANYTHING" in your post. In addition there is a step further that can be taken and gather a backtrace for the devs.

For more information on letting the devs know about the problems you're encountering see this thread:

Sticky: [LINUX] HOW-TO post about a problem in a useful manner

The more the devs know about the issues, the more they can address. They don't use the application as much as we do and don't really see many of the problems.
It's strange - until recently XBMC would never freeze up on me. Now on 9.04 it freezes when left alone for long periods of time. I believe the OS screensaver is causing it. Make sure your's is turned off...
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I leave it running 24/7on my Windows system and never have this issue. I do not use a screensaver so that may be the issue if you are using one.
BLKMGK, you're using Ubuntu? Was it a full install or a minimal install with xbmc-live added? I doubt it's my screensaver--or at least not entirely because of my screensaver--because lockups happen while I'm using it as often as they happen when I don't touch anything.

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"Crash Watchdog" or other background service system that will restart XBMC on freeze?0
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