Internal Error on image upload to mediawiki

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OK, thanks for setting me up with Ninja status on the Wiki, I'm easing myself into updates, but have come across a problem when uploading images.

Internal error: Could not create directory "temp/5/5b".

I can get the image to upload if I tick the 'Ignore any warnings' option, however, when I come to use the image as a thumbnail, I get the following:

Error creating thumbnail: Unable to create destination directory.

Image details are:

I got some info from #xbmc, so far as to say it looks like we're running on a unix type setup, so I can only assume there is some kind of permissions issue, or disk space issue on this filesystem.

Found this link:

But it appears to point toward a more Windows based issue.

Any chance someone can have a look for me?

Alternatively, I'm a Unix Admin by trade, so not too sure what the security is around getting a unix login to help with investigations like this.

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