[Feature Request] Default Place on Home
Is there a setting so when the skin is loaded the home page can land say on Weather? Or whatever the user predefines.

When I generally turn on my xbox or my PC it appears that it randomly picks where the home page loads up to. I'd prefer the weather area since its the first thing I check in the morning, but as well on my PC since it scans for new stuff it gives me a bit of a delay and something to do while waiting.

So could there be a drop down to pick what area the skin loads up to on start up. Meaning have the home page scroll over to ***** or more or less have it preselected and waiting for user imput to select if if he/she chooses.
Mine always starts up on the music main menu. I don't really mind as I like the warmth of the headphones picture and it makes me feel good about the day that is just starting. It's like Transparency! giving me a warm hug in the morning, or maybe it's like Ronie giving me a hug in the morning. I doubt it as I don't think I would be very happy about that at all. I'm just going with the odds on that and say I wouldn't.

Anyway, as I was saying, mine starts on the music one I believe on all my PC's. It may be that I only notice it then, so this may not be totally accurate.
Seems this is a XBMC setting under settings -> appearence. Weather is missing from the options tho.
if you're using the normal (vertical) menu, the top item will be focused on startup.

when using the horizontal menu, it all depends on which menu items you have enabled/disabled. the only way to give a certain item focus on startup, is to change the order of the menu buttons. however, this is not possible in xbmc.
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Ok, and sounds good. Thanks
i land on movies by defualt at start, which by happy coincidence is where i'd like it to be!

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[Feature Request] Default Place on Home0
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