Clarifying XBOX colors
I was wondering if there happens to be a guide or someone knows what the colors on the outside of the xbox represent when using XBMC.

I noticed when I power on my xbox (by the way its using an older power adapter) the lights flash different colors. I think it goes from red, green, yellow and vice versa. But once my Unleash kicks in, I simply select reboot and the colors stay orange/yellow and I can launch XBMC.

Anyhow, I thought I would ask if anyone knows what these colors represent, if anything. Personally, I think I need to change the AC adapter as I noticed if I plug it in for a few mins before turning on the XBOX, the colors changing doesnt happen.

By the way my XBOX is softmodded, using nightly build of XBMC if it matters.
The colors most likely pertain to settings in your softmod, alot of softmods turn it yellow/orange when it boots up modded and red when you disable the virtual c drive. will probably give you all that info. You can within XBMC change the LED colors as well.
Right, you need to read the documents for your mod. Or if there's an error, check out Regardless, nothing to do with XBMC.
I wasnt sure if it was to do with XBMC or not, that's why I thought I would inquire --- either way, thanks for the reply.
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