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Default Shortcut mistake
I made a really dumb mistake tonight and I hope someone can help me out. I had my XBox working perfectly and I went to set XBMC to be the default app to load up. Using this page


I used the XBE Shortcut maker to create a shortcut to XBMC and I accidentally put the wrong path into the target path and overwrote my default. Now I can't get anything to run. I realize this is completely my fault but I'm not sure how to proceed.

So if "nothing runs", what happens instead? Are you sure you can't even boot retail game discs?

Assuming your console is softmodded, how did you install said softmod?
XBMC Manual - BlackBolt - SVN Guide - Skin SVN - Wide Icon SVN - ROM Shortcut Generator
You're just jealous 'cause the voices only talk to me :P
I took your advice and tried a retain game and it worked so I used a SlaYers_EvoX boot disc to gain access via FTP and corrected my mistake. Thanks for the help
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