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Lithium - Yet another skin in development for XBMC
Don't mean to resurrect a dead thread, but just for some closure: I finally managed to finish coding this skin for Plex and dubbed it quicksilver. More details can be found over at the Plex forums: Quicksilver Skin . More info on the 19th page.

So I've been working on this skin over on the Plex forums for about two months and I thought that I might as well share what I've got so far with everybody here. It's still very early in development but the skin is being built on top of Wir3d's empty skin, so most of the basic functionality should be there at the very least.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. =)

~ Latest Pre-Alpha build ~
Download From Media Fire
Last Update: January 14, 2010
- Implemented the video scan and progress dialogs.
- Made Fanart View behave correctly for episodes and seasons.
- Fixed Bug with context list appearing at the bottom of the screen when running Lithium on XBMC
- Added duration and star rating on info screen.
- Adjusted progress dialog progress bar background.
- Stopped star ratings from moving when changing between the horizontal and vertical views.
- Updating Settings to new style.
- Implemented two default backgrounds.
- Fixed a Bug where the Show Case view has to click down twice to make the
preferences menu appear.

Github Repository
Development Branch
XBMC Branch
Plex Master Branch

The Goal
The goal of the project to create a slick and coherent media center interface that can be comfortably viewed on hd tv's from across the room on the couch without super-human vision.

Looking for help
I'm looking for a talented artist familiar with UI and icon design to help out. If you're interested either post or send me a pm.

I want a view that does x or y
Any ideas for new views are always welcome. A carefully thought out and original request will always have a higher chance of being taken up by the project than just saying that a view looks cluttered and needs to be changed.

I found a bug!
Keep in mind that Lithium is still very early in its development and entire windows have yet to be skinned yet. However if you find a showstopper of a bug like the selection getting stuck in a element or overlapping unreadable text make post with "[Bug Report] Selection enters but doesn't leave scroll bar" in bold at the top. That'll get my attention fast =)

I want to make a mod
More to come on this shortly. Feel free to pm me or post if you have any questions.
- Amet's Opensubtitles/Plugin Settings
- Francyboy's EagleEye mod

- Yes, I know it has a horizontal navigation. Aeon, Mediastream, and Minimedia have all been influences for me. =)
- I have no idea why the ken burns animation on the home screen is so stutter-prone in xbmc when it runs smoothly on plex, I'll look into it.






looks good , I will give it a try .. thanks!
nice work! ill give it a go later tonight, but looks fantastic, i like the simplicity of it and font size etc.
Plus its great to see an anouncment and also an alpha build in the same post! good work on that!
Very nice skin!

Ive been looking for something like this for my small screen in the bedroom for a while now!

Keep up the good work!
Nice looking skin and easy on the eyes, it will be nice when the rest of the windows and context dialogs are done to match, keep it going as this should work very well on xboxSmile
XBMC Frodo 12 - Windows 7 - Asrock Ion 330HT - Aeon Nox
I kinda like it. Its got that rough and tuff look to it. Not sharp and clean like Aeon, but like you said you don't need super sight to see the font.

I'm going to give this a download when I get home.

Thanks for sharing it too.
This is looking really awesome. I think you're definitely on-track for your goals for the skin. It looks very usable and easy to read.

Can't wait to see the finished product in action.
Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. Let me know how it turns out when you finally try it out on your system.

September 1, 2009 - NEW VERSION UPLOADED
Notable Changes in this version:
- overlay watched check working
- added seasons to episode numbering
- combined several views and made switching between 16x9 and 4x3 thumbs/covers automatic
- background fix. If an element doesn't have a fanart the background image appears in it's place and it's not double layering everything so more ram for the important stuff! Smile
September 2, 2009 New Version Uploaded
Notable Changes in this version:
- Fixed cutoff on album cover nav
- New View: Multiplex

~ Still looking for Name suggestions! ~
Right now the list stands at:
- Lithium
- Zen
- Aether

it's starting to shape up nicely, out of those names i would go with Zen the others sound really naff but thats just my oppinion
XBMC Frodo 12 - Windows 7 - Asrock Ion 330HT - Aeon Nox
Zen is good...
with it's legibility, I tried to think of something involving the "10 foot interface"... but I'm not that clever. Oo

Considering the current theme/colors, how about "Dusk"? (not "twilight"... the books/movies have poisoned that word Laugh)

All in all, it's looking really good.
How about naming the skin


Point of
something about it reminds me of Ubuntu.

Because the fonts are large enough to see without a telescope. Wink
YAS (Yet Another Skin) ;-)
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Lithium - Yet another skin in development for XBMC3.673