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i shamelessly plundered darkie's excellent quicktime browser script to create this gamespot video script. i have an advantage because i actually work for gamespot and was able to create a special server side page that provides me the data i need for the xbox in an easy to read format.

currently it displays the 10 most recently posted movies, plus the latest episodes of let's gamespot and button mashing. seems to work for me! i apologize for the extremely ugly background, but i am not a graphic designer. not even close.

let me know what you think.

how sweet!

my first thought when i tried darkies aqtbrowser was damn wouldn't it be cool to have this for gamespot Smile and who else could do it better then someone inhouse at gamespot?

you know what, if it could work out, i'd be prepared to pay the 'complete' membership just to get access to the non-free material on gamespot if i could get it through my xbox Smile

cant wait to get home and try it out. excellent!
works like a charm Smile thanx for the script
thanks for the feedback. floink: i can't think of what complete-only features could actually be delivered on the xbox. let me know what you've got in mind and i'll see what i can do.

i thought about making this a really comprehensive video archive exploration tool but as streaming vids are one of our biggest ad programs at the moment i don't want to undermine that. maybe i can come up with a full archive explorer for complete members some day. (if someone wants to write it for me, i'll give them a free complete account!Wink
great script! thank you!
anyway there is just a very small bug:
for pal resolution it show a black row on the bottom of the screen so i have changed the size of the background to 720x576 and modified this part of the script:
self.addcontrol(xbmcgui.controlimage(0,0,720,576, 'q:\scripts\gsbackground.png'))
self.list = xbmcgui.controllist(211, 120, 450, 350)
XBMC Italian translator, scrapers developer and the old "The Orbs" skin creator.
(jsd @ sep. 09 2004,15:52 Wrote:thanks for the feedback.  floink: i can't think of what complete-only features could actually be delivered on the xbox.   let me know what you've got in mind and i'll see what i can do.

i thought about making this a really comprehensive video archive exploration tool but as streaming vids are one of our biggest ad programs at the moment i don't want to undermine that.
actually maybe i'm missing the point with the complete offer. it might be soo that the biggest benefit of having a complete offer on the web is that you get rid of all advertising? what i had in mind with my suggestion was that maybe higher bitrate streams were avilable that way? up til now i haven't really seen the incentive to get one  Confusedaint: or better yet maybe a complete offer is a way of avoiding ads in the streams?  Wink
kotix: it's not a "bug" per se, unless i am mistaken you need to have different scripts & background images to support the different pal/ntsc/widescreen resolutions. as i only have an ntsc tv that's what i aimed for of course.

floink: streams normally have commercials. xbmc doesn't give me the ability to do that however. so this is sort of a bonus feature for xbmc users.

there are no higher streaming bitrates for complete users. there are downloadable quicktimes & mpegs but that would require waiting a long time (you have to download a zip file then extract the movie before you could watch it). some of our bigger features are 300+ mb so you'd be waiting a long time before it showed anything.

it'd be great to stream the quicktimes but they are over 1.5mbit/sec so it's not likely to be practical any time soon.

btw i'm pimping xbmc & my script on the site now:
been using your script for some days now and it works great. some comments:
1. yes the backround is terrible... i'd prefer black which probably would work better with the top gamespot live banner.
2. just the 10 latest videos tends to often be over half of it just in game videos of one game. maybe 20 latest and/or some kind of categorizing between buttonbash pc xbox ps2 and so on?
hey jsd good work!

but it would be better if you got together with darkie and merge your script in his and perhaps come up with one script that does both -- quicktime and gamespot........

just a thought.... but i hate to see the trailer trend turned into the email script where you have a one script for checking the mail -- - another seperate script for reading the mail --- and another seperate script for sending the mail thats just freeking please lets not have the same thing happen here where you will have one script for quicktime --- another script for gamespot- and yet another script for
i just made a background for your great script Smile

plz tell me if you like it and how it works for you because i only have a pal tv


ps: sorry for my poor english  :oops:
hey jsd great script but i have a great idea. im not much of a fan of gamespot but theres this great game trailer site here now that would be sweet if u could get that to work on a py script. man if i understood how to do it id do it my self lol. Nod maybe u can look into it i think it would be much better then the gamespot stuff ,
i like this script a lot. thanks jsd.

like some of the others, i'd love to see more trailers than the current 10 and a filter for what games are released on the xbox.
sounds cool, i'm going to check it out right now.
cheers ! :bowdown: + xbmc = happy kids!

i've put up a new version of the zip file (see the link at the top of this thread) with a much nicer background image courtesy of a fellow forumite. again, ntsc tv resolution only. if people want to make pal/widescreen versions of the script and/or image, feel free.

i've changed the server side logic slightly. it now returns 20 titles and it filters out the "gameplay footage" movies (although there are still "official movies" which are provided by the game publishers). i may dump official movies as well if i decide i don't like it.

again i don't want to make this script *too* good because i do want you to go to gamespot to watch videos! i haven't had any spare time lately so making a complete user version with filtering just isn't likely.

nagmine: i work for gamespot so i'm not likely to support our competition!

don't go filtering out the game play footage its the most important part of a game preview, hell i dont know anyone who would make a dicision about a game based on the intro video.........
we want to see what the game is realy like ( clue game play footage ..... )

note:..... if these game company put the kind of effort in the the game as the do the intro we would have better games....
not a serman just a thought...
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