[LIVE] Run applications on top of XBMC in XBMC Live?

I would like to ask you to forgive me if this has been answered already, but
I was not able to find a solution.
I've been using XBMC for a few months and let me say it is awesome Nod

I would be very happy if someone can help me out how to make other applications run over the xbmc.
To be precise, I would like to run firefox browser on top of xbmc without exiting xbmc.
Many times, my wife and I would watch a movie and would like to pause it to check something on the internet and that's where, at present, I have to exit XBMC and open fluxbox and start firefox. I would like to avoid that.

At the moment, I have managed to make firefox run on top, but unfortunately, I have no control over it, firefox starts on top, though not over a full screen, even though firefox window is in full screen, but I can't hover over firefox with the mouse nor I can type anything inside.
Mouse and keyboard control remains inside the xbmc which is still running (and I want it to keep running).
I expected that application that runs on top is current and can use mouse and keyboard, but this is not the case.
Is this because xbmc is running standalone and without window manager?

Am I missing something here?

Any help and tips regarding this is highly appreciated.

Thx folks and respect for all the hard work Wink
Search for "launcher plugin" - you will find numerous posts on the topic.
Always read the XBMC online-manual, FAQ and search the forum before posting.
Do not e-mail XBMC-Team members directly asking for support. Read/follow the forum rules.
For troubleshooting and bug reporting please make sure you read this first.
Thank you very much for a reply.
I'll give it a try.
Hello, i'm trying to do the same, i'm using the launcher plugin to start firefox from XBMCLive, the problem is that firefox opens into a very small window (with very big characters also) how can i enlarge the window or make it fullscreen??

Yep, same problem mate. So far couldn't resolve it and also didn't had luck searching the forum...
I successfully launched firefox but it stays small in left upper corner...
Who finds solution should post it asap. Deal?

Cheers mate Wink
Yes, I solved this Nod Nod Nod
ok, would be funny to hold on for a couple of weeks, but I'd forget I have to post, so...
the problem is mainly xorg, plus in some cases a bad xbmc config on top. Did I mention bad lcd config? Ok. Oh, and please note I'm talking about an Xbmcbuntu setup without gnome or gdm. Just xorg, xbmc and fluxbox (or blackbox). If that matches yours, read on.
So basic solution is:
- solve lcd config issues (forget edid hex editing and reverse engineering, I bet it's a setup thing in your lcd osd with a name so stupid that you did not even try (like samsungs "just scan") it out yet.
- once that's done, you're almost done Big Grin Go read your xorg log /var/log/Xsomething. Watch for a line setting up dpi. Those may be both too large or too small (e.g. 300x300 or 75x75 which both suck on a 40 inch...). If that's the case the solution is simply adding an *Option "DPI" "100 x 100"* line to your xorg monitor section. also make sure you have 100 dpi xfonts installed.
- still unhappy? check xbmc config now. I used to use "auto" when I had a monitor as display. That's not the best solution with the lcd tv. The best solution is [email protected](full screen) for my setup. I might be wrong, but I think the resolution you choose there also influences that of the apps you launch on top of it. Anyway, that ideal resolution is the one xbmc automagically chose the first time. You may therefore try to delete or move your guisettings.xml thus making xbmc choose and use new settings (also) for the resolution. Basically this means it should talk to your display with the best possible (i.e. highest) frequency in the display's native resolution - that's the case for me at least. I run google earth, firefox, xmame all perfectly on top, full screen, no over/underscan. (but don't be envious: I have enough audio and lirc issues at the moment...Oo)
- still unhappy? try some sport or scientology. Eek I can't help further.
Hello and thx for not holding us for couple of weeks Wink

I have exactly the same setup with samsung 40" LCD TV.
I don't have problem making fonts smaller, changing resolutions etc.
My only problem is that app that I start over XBMC (like firefox) wouldn't go fullscreen
and also wouldn't allow me to control it.
Tried auto, and every single resolution, already had DPI option...

As you suggested, I'll try some sport Big Grin

Cheers and thx one again o/
Well, if you're sure that you have configured xbmc for 1920x1080x60, your lcd is fullHD, you have fluxbox and xorg looking good, you start firefox and pressing f11 does not help, I'm out of advices atm...other than trying to exit xbmc, login to console, go to fluxbox desktop from there (startx), start firefox from there (right click,...), make it fullscreen, then close it and reboot and retry from inside xbmc.
ohhh hold on: you mean you can't control the window at all i.e. not use the browser??
Yep Sad

It runs, but I don't have any control of it.

Thx for concern Wink
here comes the big secret:

lol thx

now i have to buy a keyboard as it's not possible to assign
ALT + TAB to a keyboard.xml to use with remote :p

Anyway, mistery solved, thx a lot.
I appreciate your effort, respects and gratitude dude o/
Quote:as it's not possible to assign
ALT + TAB to a keyboard.xml to use with remote
irxevent does this.
Hello there, thx for a reply.
I'll give it a try.

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