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XBMC crash and doesn't run anymore :-(
Hi everybody,

I am a newbie in linux. I've been following this forum (how-to's, searching treads,...) for the last month (what let me learn a lot) but I've got a problem when xbmc starts that I can't solve. I've been looking for similar crashes but nothing is clear for me.

Everything started when I was testing the wii controller moving around the picture's menu and trying to find the shortcut/button to begin pictures slideshow. At that moment the screen went to black and nothing seemed to response inside xbmc. Alt-tab let me go into gnome and force xbmc closing
In the next reboot, xbmc didn't start and no good news since that point

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance

Here is the crash log

I see these lines at the end of the log:
15:07:02 T:3041638288 M:3069235200    INFO: Skin version is: 2.11
15:07:02 T:3041638288 M:3069235200    INFO: The above skin isn't suitable - checking the version of the default: PM3.HD

I have seen people saying that the newer builds require you to make a change in the skin.xml to change it from version 2.1 to 3.0. Open /usr/share/xbmc/skinds/PM3.HD/skin.xml and then look for this line:

Change it to:

Hope this helps.
The current builds off svn aren't that stable as stated on the front page. Please retest on builds that is mentioned on the front page.
The normal XBMC log IS NOT a debug log, to enable debug logging you must toggle it on under XBMC Settings - System or in advancedsettings.xml. Use XBMC Debug Log Addon to retrieve it.
Thanks ermax, its a curious thing because the system have been stable for two weeks. Maybe the installation of the wii controller plugin did something wrong.
I'll try your suggestion when I return home

ChrashX, the problem took place with a stable version of XBMC. The new version you can see in the log is because I tried to fix it installing the last SVN (of course, with no success).

I'll post my results tonight
Thanks again
It workssss !!! Nod

As ermax said, the problem can be solved changing the configuration in the skin.xml

Thanks again
That doesn't solve anything. You're just side stepping a valid check. Expect problems.
Well, not exactly.
Probably you're right but what I can say is that the change in the skin.xml solved my problem and the system is stable now. At least I enjoy movies, music, pictures,...

If I find new crashes, I'll post it here
I had the same problem using svn revision 22978 and MediaStream skin. Altering the skin.xml at least saved my saturday evening Tongue
XBMC on Gentoo Linux on a Shuttle SG33G6 with Intel C2D E6750, 2GB RAM, Asus EN8500GT
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XBMC crash and doesn't run anymore :-(00
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