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Try out Convergence if you like these icons, I've been using them for a while now.
[Image: convergenceIMDB.png]

NB! If anyone could come up with a matching "Suspence" or "Independant" icon I'd be gratefull.

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Longjohn80 Offline
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Hello everyone and sorry for bad English
I am looking for someone who can help me figure out how to insert the "Clear Movie Genre" in "Aeon MQ3 skins" and if this is arranged for them.
In other "Skin XMBC" Files.png just enter the folder "Extra \ movie \ genre \ ..." But MQ3 can not find it, I own to replace the "Studio Logo".
I hope you can help me thank you in advance for any help ...:confused2::confused2::confused2:
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misselisabeth Offline
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I really like these icons (the version 3 and 4). Just wondering if the person who done these or someone else could make me some more genres?

the folders I need in the version 3 and 4 are:

TV Shows (folder)
Animation (tv show folder)
Comedy (tv show folder)
Contests (tv show folder)
Drama (tv show folder)
Family (tv show folder)
Fantasy (tv show folder)
Reality (tv show folder)
Young Adults (tv show folder)

Movies (folder)
Disney Channel (folder)
DVD (folder)
Cinema (folder)
Action (movie folder)
Adventure (movie folder)
Chick Flicks (movie folder)
Crime (movie folder)
Disaster (movie folder)
Drama (movie folder)
Family (movie folder)
Fantasy (movie folder)
Harry Potter (movie folder)
Horror (movie folder)
Musical (movie folder)
Robin Williams (movie folder)
Romance (movie folder)
Sci-fi (movie folder)
Sport (movie folder)
Superheroes (movie folder)
Thriller (movie folder)
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xoceunder Offline
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(2011-04-11 16:33)stolek5 Wrote:  [Image: DirectorsChair-1.png]download Icons

[Image: NewIcons.png]download Icons v2

[Image: GenreEHS.png]download Icons v3 (left and right view)

[Image: HDMovies_Stack-1.png]download Icons v4 (left and right view)

all coming from site:

Pls tell me how to add this to Confluence skin,
I just need information which XML file I need modify in 720p folder.

hopefully someone can help!

PSD could add to modify
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