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Component Output For Pal Xbox-help Please!
Hi, I know this is probably not in the right section but I'm not sure where else I can post this to get some help. Forgive me!!

I live in New Zealand and I have a hard modded Pal Xbox. I have a 4:3 T.V (it is not Hi-Def) and it has component in sockets (Y,Pb, Pr).
I bought a Xbox Advanced HD AV Pack (http://store.richspsxparts.com/xbhideavpafo.html) thinking that after using the Enigmah video switch all would be fine and dandy but when in the M$ dashboard I still don't have any options under video for different resolutions just the usual Normal, Letterbox, and Widescreen. And when I plug in the HD Pack Component cable I get absolutely no picture whatso ever. But my dvd player outputs to the same TV via component just fine.
Now is this because I need a TV that supports progressive input or what? Q. Do I have to have the component cables connected to a HDTV to get the options to appear in M$ dashboard settings?
I would be very grateful if someone can explain the ins and outs as there is a lot of conflicting and confusing info out there on this matter.
p.s. I have not tried hooking it up to a true Hi-Def TV yet.
My father had component inputs on his TV, but it only supported 480i and whenever I enabled 480p or 720p I would get a black screen and I was unable to change it. I ended up taking the xbox to a true high def TV that actually accepted 480p and 720p and unchecking the resolutions that wouldn't work on my father's xbox since I was able to navigate the menus.

You're unable to deselect the various HD formats when using the standard video cables.

I'd suggest hooking it up to an HD tv and see what settings you have enabled and disable anything that your 4:3 TV cannot handle.
When posting about a problem please submit a debug log to give you the best chance at getting an answer. It's easy, painless, and helps provide necessary information.
Thanks for the advice. As soon as I get a chance I'll do that and see how it goes. All I want for now tho is just to have the best picture possible on my sd tv.
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