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video playing in fast forward during switch aduio streams
some video playback issue as below: playing in fast forward during switch aduio streams! would say around 5 sec in fast forward with 60FPS, after that video back to snyc.(the file formate in mkv/m2ts/ts within audio dts/db digital/aac). playing in fast forward all the time within dolby true hd audio.(i've searched the related threads, seems like some folks got this poblem before, they say the latest build solved this issue, but i'm having the same problem as always).

my htpc system is vista sp2, and a onkyo 507 AVR with hdmi connection!

any suggestion would be greatful, thx!Rofl
How to post a problem in a useful manner. Smile
Hey, I get the same problem, playing an MKV file (ripped from a DVD using Handbrake's high quality settings): when I switch the audio stream, the video gets into fast forward for 5 to 10 seconds. Meanwhile, the audio stream is playing normally. Then, the video somehow catches up to the new audio stream and resumes normal speed. From then on, it seems to be fine...
So basically, it looks like the new audio stream I switched to starts slightly in the future, and the video has to fast forward to get back in sync.

I'm using XBMC on Windows Vista SP1 64bits. The computer runs on an Intel Core 2 Duo E7600 3Ghz, with 4Gb of RAM. The graphics card is a GeForce 9300 chipset (nForce 730i) with NVIDIA's driver version

The MediaInfo log for one of those MKV files is available here:
XBMC's debug log is here:

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video playing in fast forward during switch aduio streams00