Increase line spacing between lists?
I am currently working on putting my xbox in my car and using a 7" screen for the display. I use the library view for all my music.

I have increased the ntsc font size for "font13" which is used in all the menu lists from size14 to 24 and now the text bleeds into each other above and below.

which XML do i need to adjust to get the line spacing increased so the text fits inside the line heights?

Also when using the "list2" setting the text bleeds out the top of the enlarged box. how to i increase the size of this box so the text doesn't bleed out?
ViewCommons.xml probably has the lists. You'll need to change the size of the <itemlayout>'s.

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Thanks that worked great.
I found the "CommonViewTypes"xml and found the setting for the list2 spacing at the line<include name="ProgramsViewCommons"> then just under that is the line "<itemlayout height="44">". where 44 is my new spacing height from a default of 26. i also increased the "focused layout height" in the same xml for the "zoomed in" height.

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