If anyone wants to finish Alaska...
djh_ Wrote:Thanks, then, for entertaining me over the last year or so - it's been fun. Over and out.

I just want to say thanks, Duncan, for all the incredible work you've done, I think it's safe to say that you've definitely helped push the limits of what a media center is capable of! I've been eagerly waiting the arrival of Alaska, and I'm certainly sad to hear that you're moving on, but I wish you all the best in your "real life" endeavours. Thanks again! Smile
Thanks for the comments. I'm just sorry I never had the wherewithal to actually finish what I started. It's not easy doing that kind of thing on your own, especially when you start going down avenues you're not really happy with. I was never quite the artist I needed to be to really pull Aeon off, I don't think. Alaska would have been different but it just happened at the wrong time. Hopefully, though, someone will see it through.

I should add a big, big thank-you to the folks who donated a few months back. Again, I'm sorry that I couldn't convert that into something more substantial for you guys, though it did at least result in enough of Alaska to maybe inspire someone else.
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Wow, this is such a lovely clean interface. Looks amazing on my TV from the couch. Thanks so much for releasing what you had completed and letting other people lose on it, it's a really nice gesture.
XBMCG33K Wrote:Well mcborzu Ellipsis is almost here, Xperience (which both are obviously being underestimated immensely) has a massive following here: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=45768, you'll get to play with WORKING, not HALF done, or BARELY working version of them soon.

Your skins are good, but Alaska blew them all away, IMO...I hope this gets finished Sad
so whens aeon auriga coming out?Rolleyes
djh_ Wrote:I was never quite the artist I needed to be to really pull Aeon off, I don't think.

I just need to say thanks for all you have done and that you are completely wrong about that statement. Not only your artwork, but you classy vision of a skin is a jaw dropper to anyone I show it to. It is the textures in it and movements of Aeon that make it outstanding. You have done a hell of a job and I hope you will be back one day with something else big!
Thanks for the good stuff. Take care.
Thanks djh, glad that you've decided to release this after realising you didn't have the motivation to finish the project. Very "Open Source" . Smile
Thanks Duncan,

Your tallents will be missed around these parts, but I am sure the spirit and drive that you have put into your skins will resinate around these forums for years to come, your designs and creative thinking have brought xbmc into a brave new world that others are eager to follow at your heals for.

Thanks and take care out there in the real world.
Wow, thanks a lot for your contributions, they meant a lot to me (and most of the XBMC community) It's too bad you couldn't finish alaska... But maybe someone else will Smile

EDIT: Just tried it and WOW THAT'S SMOOTH Big Grin
Thanks for everything Duncan.

Without you... no pretty looking skins for XBMC Smile

I really hope other developers will team up and keep working on Alaska, it looks amazing!
Aeon has always been my favourite skin and after downloading and looking at alaska it's clear that this was going to be a master piece, your a talented guy shame to see you go.

One request though could you upload your Photoshop .psd file if you have one. I would love to do a bit of work on Alaska but I feel like the only way we're going to keep the design constant is if designers have the original artwork.
sad to see you go. aeon opend my eyes to library after many years with just file views. i've opend eyes for a few other too when showing em the aeon skin and they threw away their network media tank to get them self a htpc with xbmc. i'm sure someone will take over the alaska project and finish it. and maybe you will come back one day with new energy and great ideas.
tnx for all you have done.
thanks for all your hard work djh
Ayla Wrote:Without you... no pretty looking skins for XBMC Smile

Well that's just insulting to the bunch of talented guys who've actually created complete working skins.
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