Dual Fanart maintenance ?
Maybe I am missing a config flag somewhere or I am missing the point (both are valid options since I've only been playing with xbmc in it's current form for 2 weeks).

When I enable fanart in music and make sure the music file-path is set to my network share I only get the fanart to show in the menu/vis screen when the "fanart.jpg" is actually within the <artist> folder. However when I download the fanart by clicking <info> on my remote while in the artist view and do a refresh it stores it in my userdata/Thumbnails/Music/Fanart folder making them unavailable to Transparency.

So my question is (obviously) is there a way to fix this so I can download using my remote instead of manually searching and storing ?

Furthermore when looking for the fanart is there a possibility to check for fanart based on <Album Artist> instead of <Artist> because I have CD's which will have <Album Artist> & <Guest Artists> - <Title> which seems to break the Fanart lookup.
support for music fanart is a bit limited in xbmc.
in fact it's only available when browsing your music library by artist.

Transparency! tries to work around this by directly reading the fanart.jpg image from the arist folders in your music directory. this is considered a 'dirty hack' and may not work perfectly in all cases....but it's better than nothing imo.

there's only so much a skin can do, so looking for fanart in 'album artist' and/or 'guest artists' folders is not possible.
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Thx for the reply, this clarifies it for me, back to placing it manually and hope it will get an overhaul in the future from the core.
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