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REQ: addon features
Big Grin 
Hey Scarfa,

I LOVE YOUR SKIN! It works so beautifully right from the start.

Here are the few things I personally would hope to see in a future release:

1) More Home menu sections (comics, Trailers, Emulators, Games etc and each with their own background assocations)

2) Weather implemented on home screen.

3) The ability to specify which home menu item is picked (highlighted) by default on system start up. (Ie. Programs, Movies etc)

4) XBMC Lyrics button for OSD area

5) Larger RSS feed line (font size)

6) More layout views for Music, Pictures and Programs (Movies is GREAT)

7) Animated backdrop images (pan and zoom) similar to Transparency 2.0

... thats all i can think of for now eheh. Smile Thanks for all your hard work. I know my list is smaller things, but your skin is sooo close to perfect I would not ever have to switch skins again if you kept adding new stuff. Big Grin
I will consider some of these. Nod
Sweet thanks Scarfa!

REQ: addon features00