media stream flags in xbox skin?
As media stream flagging is now being added to xbmc on the xbox im looking for a light weight skin that supports the flags.. i really like pm3 but believe this doesnt support it? any chance this might be added to it now?

or does anyone have a patch that adds it to pm3?

or... any skins that are like pm3 with the flags shown?

i have a library of about 10,000 items so dont want a big resource heavy skin.. pm3 is still smooth with that many items.

Just tried it, a very nice skin but seems a bit unstable on the xbox and that was using the xbox build of the skin.
It is also very slow compared to pm3 when scrolling down through the items.
It looked great at the start when I only had a few items in the library to test with but once the library started growing it got slower and slower.. and then started freezing up randomly also....

Is pm3 still worked on at all?
adding the flags to the media info/media info2 views would be... legendary.. Smile
try the operation mode for pm3
works great on xbox
PM3.HD has support for the media flags in the Camelot alpha releases
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