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"About XMBC"
I just downloaded the latest SVN Build (9-22-2009) and I was reminded of something that I have noticed ever since I started using XBMC on the Xbox since January of this year. The "About XBMC" button on the left of the settings page has never done anything. I click it and nothing happens.

Is that an in-joke or just nobody really cares about it enough to fix it? Or is it actually not supposed to do anything?

Just curious...
Originally, it'd bring up a scrolling credits screen with an audio track. One day it broke, and the font became cut off so you couldn't actually read it. I think this would've been about the time XBMC stopped using XPR files for fonts within skins, so it must've been around July '07 that this happened.

It was eventually decided to disable the credits altogether on the basis that the list of people was outdated anyway.

Funnily enough, one guy claimed it had always worked for him right up until it was completely removed, and complained when that did eventually happen...

The files for the credits (including the music) still exist in XBMC's "credits" folder.

I have no idea whether it works on other platforms.
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You're just jealous 'cause the voices only talk to me :P
Very interesting! Thanks for the response and for clearing that up for me! Smile
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