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Hi there. Just downloaded and had a good look, i really do like the simplicity. The more simple things are the better they seem to work. You're views are clean! hehe... The only thing that stopped me from keeping this as a main skin is the fact that i dislike the white bar a the top that displays the folder path, weather, time & power options... It really needs to be black because it's too distracting, It takes focus away from the rest of the skin. Please consider a black title bar... as it really does not need to stand out so much... It's not that important.

Something like Transparency would be great. Otherwise, i really do enjoy your skin.

oh and one other thing, i think this should be implemented in ALL skins, not just yours but a larger font would be great. I use xbmc in my bedroom on a 20'' LCD, though this size is perfect for my room a lot of XBMC skins have small font and it is a real strain trying to read in 720p Unless you're sitting up close like you would whilst on your computer... But like most of us, while in my room i like to lay in bed and watch a flick! lol. Please consider that of the 4x3 font used in Transparency!

hehe... ok enough from me.

Thanks Smile
loving it.