NORMAL MODE: resolution width smaller than expected?!

Curious, testing XBMC, something happened that I can not solve (or understand).

Testing a few keyboard commands used ESC to get out of an episode of a series that was playing and used the TAB to return to full screen this episode ...

Thereafter, the screen that filled the 1920x1080, is now displayed with another measure in the width (in normal mode):

ORIGINAL: 1280x720
BEFORE SHOWN: 1920x1080
NOW SHOWN: 1755X1080

ORIGINAL: 1920X1080
BEFORE SHOWN: 1920x1080
NOW SHOWN: 1742X1080

I can not figure out why?! :confused2:


-=[ R E S O L V E D ]=- Big Grin ||| I Hope|||

I guess I found the cause of the problem:
  1. As the skin chosen ([MOD] Aeon ShowMix V2.00 (V2.01)) did not work (properly) with the release downloaded from the site: XBMC_for_Windows-9.04.1-repack2,
  2. I installed the release (unofficial and unsupported): SVN: 23149 (XBMC_PCInstaller_23149.rar) (Win32 Installer),
  3. It turns out that such a release, although it allowed to use the skin, began to cause the reported problem.
What I did (and I'm doing):
  1. In a specific site of the skin (Aeon ShowMix), not in the XBMC forum, is quoted a release (SVN 22516 (I used. Exe) [tks ikons]) that - somehow - ensures that the skin will work 100%,
  2. I downloaded and installed this release.
  3. Several attempts: Installation on top of the official version and direct installation (completely uninstalling the official version)
    The result was something similar to the most current release (SVN 23149), however - and better - no problem with the resolution (which I had reported).
  4. BUT, (you thought it would not have a BUT?!), Every time he gave a Shutdown (in case of skin = Exit XBMC), XBMC crashed ... I switched to the default skin and nothing: the problem still ... I went to Aeon skin ShowMix and fussing and fussing away from here, I found that going into Videos, calling and checking the options and / or clearing the item Posters, XBMC to hang on (Huh). Please note: just do this only once, then XBMC seems to be (definitely) 100% on this item (but I will continue testing (see below)).

If possible today, I will do further tests and then post here my final conclusions (and fuller).

[els] Nod

Excuse my English, since what counts is the intention...
Posted wrong here and I could not delete, that's why is published here and in especific post. Sorry.

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NORMAL MODE: resolution width smaller than expected?!0
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