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Samsung Television with DLNA client and XBMC UPnP Media Server?
I have a Samsung LE37C650 and it works great with Serviio (running on my Ubuntu Server). The client on the TV is not nearly as nice as native XBMC from an HTPC, but it works. It also makes a good job of upscaling SD DVD rips (better than XBMC for some). The serviio forum @ is pretty active and the develepor is very responsive and active on the forum.
tampamark Wrote:Hello, new to the forums here, but I have been perfecting my Samsung DLNA link to my Windows PC over the last year and finally have it tweaked to my liking so I figured I would chime in. My TV is a the LN52B750, includes DLNA and an onboard Ethernet port.

First, the DLNA client that I would recommend is Serviio. It is an open-source application and after trying several (Samsung's free version which blows, Tversity which is decent) I like the operation of Serviio the best. Since the TV acts as the interface the client application is transparent, so while everyone here are fans of XBMC - as am I as a player - it becomes irrelevant to the Samsung TV.

Serviio just added Transcoding a couple of months ago. MAN did this save me a ton of hassle. The Samsung TV is real picky on file formats, even allowable AVI files had to be in the perfect resolution and bitrate to properly play on the TV through Samsungs Media Stream Client and Serviio. So prior to Transcoding I was having to convert HD files to the appropriate resolution and file type that was compatible. This took many hours of processing to convert. Serviio Transcoding resolves this and I can run virtually any file type in any resolution/bitrate without issue. Also, 90% of the files will allow for FF and REW via the Samsung.

Personally, I do not use XBMC for a HTPC. With DLNA I am very happy, sure it is not as sexy of an interface but I am good with that.

How di you install the serviio client on your PC? I have the servioo server installed on my PC.
I have a Samsung UN46D8000 with the DLNA certified AllShare on it (as already mentioned it's very picky on resolutions, filetypes, etc...).

After playing with XBMC for a while now and being quite frustrated with trying to find any concrete information on the topic, I've accepted for my environment that it's only really useful as a local install which is what I use it for. XBMC does not stream to my iPhone, my Samsung, nor my PopCorn Hour C200.

I use serviio to stream to my Samsung, works great. My Popcorn Hour has to use SMB shares unfortunately and I don't get the nice categories. I will be trying to configure Serviio to work with it (right after this note!)
I activated the upnp service on Kodi and although the Play using... option appears with right-click for the .strm files, and my Samsung smart tv is selected, nothing happens with the tv. The tv sees Kodi, also my Hopper box sees Kodi, and Kodi sees them, but nothing happens.

I'm guessing I missed something setting up upnp. Do I need to setup devices in Kodi? What else?
Maybe read the FAQ.... not only are you resurrecting a long dead and unconnected thread, but your mention of Genesis will mean no one can help you.

If you can ask the question without reference to pirate stuff, post a new thread and try again Smile

Samsung Television with DLNA client and XBMC UPnP Media Server?00