Faster alternative to MovieDB?

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DaSal Offline
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Does anybody know of a faster alternative to As much as I like the site, for some reason it's incredibly slow for me. Looking up and downloading the fan art for a single movie can take around 2 minutes just because it takes ages to load at every step.Eek
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mkortstiege Offline
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There's no alternative afaik.

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mason Offline
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there is a solution, why dont you donate a few bux towards travisbelle since he is struggling keeping this thing alive as a one person show with a lot of traffic since xbmc got popular Wink
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fekker Offline
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themoviedb is pretty much the only site with the amount of information and availability via a quick and easy to use api that's out there.

He's got information on how to donate on the site.
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shaitanfree Offline
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Try our new Scraper, very speed and there are thousands Fanarts in our database.
More information

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szsori Offline Admin
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As a note, if anyone is disappointed with the speed of a scraper, donating is generally the solution. Bandwidth costs money, and sites that XBMC use end up needing a LOT of bandwidth. Alternative sites will pop up, but they'll face the same issues in a short amount of time if they become popular. They also spread community support out, which means the best content is often spread across multiple sites. Instead of constantly switching sources, just pick the one that suits your needs best and then support it.

EDIT: Don't click my link below based on this... if you read this and want to donate, give it to MovieDB.

Contribute to - The Online TV Database
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