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After a lot of reading (wiki is far from up to date :p ), i find how to add settings and everything about scraper.

The only thing i'd like to do now is to be able to change the labels for settings based on XBMC language configuration or a setting in the scraper.

Is this possible ?


currently no. feel free to hardcode it to whatever language your scraper grabs for now
The fact is the setting is for changing the returned language data Smile

I'll go english so to be more international Smile

Is the language param in the xml header important for anything today ?
it's used for fallback determine which scraper to translate url's for in urlnfo. i.e. if your language is german and we find a german scraper which can handle imdb urls (i.e. we test them first) we choose that one
ok Smile thanks for the quick answers Smile
it would be great if the tvshow scraper would also fallback to other languages if theres no result returned in english.

eg. i have some german and french tv shows and they have only german and french show entries in if would be great if xbmc would use other languages in this cases.

perhaps entering an order of prefered languages could do that?
it's not our responsibility. the server should handle that
mmh, strange if I just do the query, I only get results for shows if they have an english entry

had just a quick look at the api (no deeper research) the selection of the language should only start after the query so the call above should bring up all entries no matter what language.
my bad, thought the language defaults in the query to all not to english, however I assume the xbmc scraper sets the query language according to the settings in xbmc and so it cant get any results.

I assume it would be possible to set eg. 3-5 prefered languages and that scraper would try if no result is found in the primary language.

eg: languages: 1: en, 2:de, 3:fr

so if no result is returned for /api/GetSeries.php?seriesname=QUERY&language=en it tries /api/GetSeries.php?seriesname=wir+sind+kaiser&language=de and so on.

mmh, don't see right now were the matching hook would be. since the new scraper format not in the tvdb-part but more in the scraper framework....

edit: for me the workaround is to add an english entry for the tv shows in question Wink
was that fixed in the meantime or is there any workaround?

I got some TV ripz from a friend, all of the german Tatort episodes with Schimanski (Götz George)

when I do a search in I can see all the episodes and series detail I'm looking for, but XBMC only shows me the (en) entrys when scraping, not the (de) ones I need

is there an option to tell XBMC to show me *all* scraper results for a given search/series?
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set your language in scraper settings.
under settings --> video --> scrapers I don't have any option to change language, there's only a "enable fallback based on scraper language"

edit: ah damn, I just found it! this setting is hidden under "settings" of the "Set Content" menu!

thanks a bunch!
OpenElec Standalone --> Asus Chromebox 'Panther' --> Onkyo TX-NR709 --> Sony 55" X85C Android TV (also with Kodi!)
Asus Chromebox EZ Script
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yeah, very "hidden". in particular since i stressed SCRAPER settings ;P
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