.avi videos stop playing after a while

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dogotcat Offline
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I'm having problems with m t.v shows stopping after like 10-15min of playing. Your watching it and than all of a sudden it just stops and goes back to the menu.

Running the latest xbmc PPA Ubuntu Jaunty main.

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liquidolze Offline
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maybe same prob as mine...

have you compiled smbclient manually and moved the libs manually as told in the debian-lenny howto??

Or are your avis on your local hdd? If not try to play some local files and figure out if the error happens again.
If not you'll have to update samba etc.


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Maxim Offline
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Check this thread on how to gather a little more information that will help the devs and others get to the bottom of the issue:

Sticky: [LINUX] HOW-TO post about a problem in a useful manner
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