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Auto Scrolling for Plot & Review : Too Fast!
I've recently enabled auto scrolling on PM3.HD of Plot and Review text, but I'm finding that it scrolls too quickly for me. I've barely read 75% of the top line before it usually scrolls off out of sight.

Is there any option I can use to configure the speed/delay?

Thanks in advance,

I would also have to agree that a setting to slow or speed up the plot info scrolling be implemented into all skins and better again even into xbmc on a global level rather then each individual skin.
Get a better timing and we're done. Obviously that time depends on the number of lines and length of the lines, so IMO it's best to leave this up to the skinner at this point.
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This was really bugging me as well. I went into ViewsVideoLibrary.xml and manually increased the delay and repeat values.

<autoscroll time="2000" delay="9000" repeat="9000">Skin.HasSetting(AutoScroll)</autoscroll>

Might be other location/files with the same issue but this was good enough for me.

Auto Scrolling for Plot & Review : Too Fast!00