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Video Devil plugin status?
Hello, I have noticed that Video Devil plugin doesn't work on 9.04.3+svn23164-jaunty2
Also, there is no single thread regarding this plugin, so I wonder is against the rules or somethin' Eek

Anyway, I have tried to revert back from version of 1.41 to latest 1.46 and it's the same.

Plugin list sites and after you press one, it will try to retrieve the list and then go back to the main menu of the plugin (with the list of sites).

Any info about progress of this plugin in highly appreciated Nod

Cheers o/
I believe it can be found here - http://xbmc-addons.googlecode.com
Use SVN Repo Installer to get the latest version...

See the wiki page below on how to provide a debug log...
Dan dude, I don't mean to disrespect you, but I wrote that I have latest XBMC svn and latest plugin.
I also checked with svn repo instaler, went to googlecode and tried to revert to many versions, result is the same.

I will try to provide debug log, but first I wanted to make sure that I'm posting on the right place where plugin developer can have a look.

Thx for your reply.

P.S. I'm not some crazy perv, but some friends to whom I installed xbmc are harassing me because of this plugin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
No disrespect, I didn't know what was the latest version, it was worth a check, some of them are updated quite often.

This is the right forum, might not find too many threads for this plugin - you could open up default.py and look for the author, usually people put in an email addresses or at least a blog address. Alternatively, you can log a ticket on the Google Code page, but you will still have to provide them with the debug log.

Ah, the friends... Wink
Thx for tips Dan Wink
Last update was just over a month ago... I'm sure the author will come back & fix things when he has time.
Always read the XBMC online-manual, FAQ and search and search the forum before posting.
For troubleshooting and bug reporting please read how to submit a proper bug report.

If you're interested in writing addons for xbmc, read docs and how-to for plugins and scripts ||| http://code.google.com/p/xbmc-addons/
Funny, it works on XBMC Live 9.04.1, but if I update xbmc to svn lastest, plugin stops working Big Grin
What's even funnier is that no one comes forward with a debug log...
Dan Dare Wrote:What's even funnier is that no one comes forward with a debug log...

Relevant entries start at line 2216 / 21:42:54 (i think), my XBMC version is R23599 on Fedora 11.
It might be Linux specific - Python thread exiting prematurely?

PHP Code:
21:42:55 T:2939128688 M:759476224    INFOPython script stopped
:42:55 T:2939128688 M:759476224   DEBUGThread 2939128688 terminating
21:42:56 T:3086231520 M:759775232   DEBUG:  WaitOnScriptResult plugin exited prematurely terminating
:42:56 T:3086231520 M:759775232   ERRORGetDirectory Error getting plugin://video/VideoDevil/?url=title:YouPorn|type:rss|genre:YouPorn|director:VideoDevil|icon:/home/mythtv/.xbmc/plugins/video/VideoDevil/resources/images/youporn.png|url:youporn.com.cfg 
Sorry for late reply and please forgive for not posting debug log, I first had to understand how to enable it and find it.

Today I will try to upgrade xmbc to the latest SVN and then I'll try to post debug log.

Thank you for help, it's appreciated.
OK here is xbmc.log


I hope it can help. Thx Wink
Dan Dare Wrote:It might be Linux specific - Python thread exiting prematurely?...
I'm seeing the same reported behavior as listed in the OP on windows as well. I just haven't been too worried about it to post a proper log. I don't have any "friends" harassing me about it Wink
Read this before using these builds.

Well, the thing is, a persuade few of my friends to build HTPC by showing them my system.
I've installed them XBMC and off course, most popular plugin for them is Video Devil.
Now that plugin doesn't work with new SVN releases, they are complaining Big Grin

Anyway, what would happen now? I thought that plugin maker will see this thread and look in to it, but as time is passing, it looks like plugin is abandoned.
There are some other porn plugins: ie. Tube8 and KeezMovies, at the moment there are no problems with them.

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