Unable to scrape episode data for (The Cleveland Show)
the fix was in the scraper file. maybe somebody forgot to update it? also, you are lacking this;

CLog::Log(LOGDEBUG, "%s: Searching for '%s' using %s scraper (file: '%s', content: '%s', language: '%s', date: '%s', framework: '%s')",

which is rather confusing since that is most definitely in the xbox branch.
I didnt get a chance to post this last night but I went back into my file structure and removed the "the cleveland show" part from the file name and renamed the files to "s01e01 - hdtv.xvid.avi".

From there I removed The Cleveland Show from my library and reset the scraper and did another scan and this time I was able to rescan the show fine. I dont know if the file structure I previously had something to do with it but Im able to scrape the show fine.

Thanks to those that replied as I definitely appreciate any insight you provided.
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Unable to scrape episode data for (The Cleveland Show)00