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Since we now have better control of the Apple TV, see this post, here are a few mods I made to Transparency! (no offense ronie) this comes from old work habits as I had to constantly pause to check some detail on the screen.

Here is movie info that wasn't available before the Apple TV remote changes:

[Image: 3984531138_008256c9aa_o_d.jpg]

Here is the TV info, also not available before but I since most networks place their logo at the bottom right, I moved the clearart to the left and if there isn't clearart, nothing shows far left. Is was pointless to show a thumb of the show you are currently watching:

[Image: 3984530912_316ac0c706_o_d.jpg]

Here is the pause screen which we couldn't access before and pause required 2 clicks,one to bring up OSD and 1 more to actually pause and it made for a pretty busy screen. If someone knows how to move the top left progress bar, please let me know (I think this one is XBMC, not skin related). So, this is faster, more precise and leaner:

[Image: 3984530700_416a83f348_o_d.jpg]

Lastly, for other playback controls, like video, audio, subtitles etc, here is my minimalistic mod:

[Image: 3984530516_f7ef6c12fa_o_d.jpg]

Now, all I have left to do is located all the changes I made so that I can include them in 2.01 and future releases.


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grupy Offline
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nice work!

I have to admit T! is quite polished skin and as a result there have been hardly any mods done to this skin. But its always nice to see some different flavour to what is already an excellent skin.
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flipped cracker Offline
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i like the clearart instead of the episode thumb.

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jpf55 Wrote:here are a few mods I made to Transparency! (no offense ronie)

no offence taken, i'm always interested in seeing some fresh ideas. ;-)

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