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Where's the uPnP server?
The xbox Wiki says it supports BTV. I have 5 UPnP servers on my network, 4 which should be visible from the XBOX. BTV is not showing up. It says in the wiki that XBMC supports BTV UPnP. I've tried many many many times to get this to work. Anyone else?
I can get it to function as a server to other devices I have no idea how to make it see servers for play back.
what version are you running? I can't get mine to show up for the life of me.
I use the nightly builds, try one of them from here:

I assume you have turned it on in the system setup/network area?
and you added a source for upnp in your video's section?
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I never did that as I only used it as a server in which case it used my music library, works flawlessly for me. More than can be said for twonky which I paid for.
Gari, not a network share. A uPnP server. SMB is different. Wiki says there is uPnP support, however BTV does not show up as a uPnP server.

As far as I'm aware, from reading, you have to have a special program called BeyondTV Link to connect to the the uPnP server, which provides a list of all recordings and access to live TV, by channel. Are you actually able to use BeyondTV's uPnP server, not just the windows SMB share?

The SDK is out for making BeyondTV integration work. They're posted on the SnapStream website. The only BTV->XBMC reference I've been able to find is on the XBMC wiki website. However, I doubt the validity of the XBMC wiki site.

I've updated a few times using the nightly builds.

Can anyone say that they've actually connected to the SnapStream BeyondTV uPnP server by way of XBMC?

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