[RELEASE] Facebook Photos (Picture) Plugin - Facebook Photo / Images Addon
Seft Wrote:Would it be possible to have the list of friends ordered alphabetically? I can't figure out the current logic.
I don't know what it is the logic, I guess you can sort it using XBMC sort button.
leo2 Wrote:I don't know what it is the logic, I guess you can sort it using XBMC sort button.

The sort button is greyed out for me with that list
leo2, the plugin manages the sort methods
spiff Wrote:leo2, the plugin manages the sort methods

that's weird, I didn't do anything and the sort button works great for me.
a screenshot is attached.
i'm not sure exactly how it works, it might have that one by default or maybe it's a pure luck thing. i'm refering to

"addSortMethod(handle, sortMethod) -- Adds a sorting method for the media list.\n"

see the pydocs for details
PHP Code:
xbmcplugin.addSortMethod(int(sys.argv[1]), xbmcplugin.SORT_METHOD_TITLE
add it somewhere around endofdirectory() just to make sure it is compatible with all versions Smile
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FBXBMC Photos 1.02:
changed: login automatically to facebook without opening a browser.

FBXBMC News Feed 0.9 [Beta] - A Program Plugin:
1. Show news feed from facebook, like home page news feed.
2. Allow playing videos from Facebook news feed (even from youtube links)

Download latest versions from:
Hi leo2, great idea for a plugin.
Have just tried the new plugins and encountered the same problem with both 'Photos' and 'News Feed'. After entering my FB username and password the settings window will not close when the 'OK' button is clicked. I can close the window by pressing 'Cancel' or pressing 'Esc'. Has anyone else had this?
I'll do an XBMC update and see if the problem is with my system.
I have the same problem. It doesn't seem to save my username and password at all. The last version before this one worked for me though and were great.
Sounds like a great plugin, I've been waiting for some clever person to do a facebook photo one for a while now but I get the same problem with not being able to OK the settings too. Was really looking forward to using this when you first released it but I use xbox and don't have xbmc installed on my PC so can't do the settings hack. Is it possible to manually change the settings in default.py or somwhere? Thanks for your hard work
My Version 1.01 no longer works. I just get Error python script failed. Is anyone else having this problem or is it my machine.
Sorry, Setting's problem fixed. please download & install again.
It works now and I love it! A function to make the picture selected bigger/fullscreen when enter is pushed would be awesome.

Either way, thank you for this wonderful plugin
Excellent plugin, loving the facebook photo one. Just had a little problem of it crashing a few times on the xbox - haven't had time to have a proper look but so far it's crashed when looking at "photos of me" and "recent albums". I'll give it a proper test later on and maybe drop a debug log in if it still occurs. Great plugin though - do you think it would be possible to get it to download selected albums direct to the photo directory on xbox. I know I'm being greedy here but if possible that would just about make this perfect.
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